Time Management Tips and 11 Productivity Gifts for the Holidays

Time management is hard enough all year round, now add year end deadlines, planning for the coming year, holiday parties, gift shopping, and other holiday related activities to the already busy agenda and people get really stressed. Personal stress is a huge productivity killer.

So what is time management during the holidays?

  • Make a list and check it twice:It is not only Santa who needs to plan over the holidays, you need to make your lists both personal and professional and schedule the tasks. That is the way you balance the urgent and important. This will keep you onTo Do List written on the wipe board top of what need to get done.
  • Do not over commit:Making time for yourself during the holidays is more important than the rest of the year. So make sure you add in some you time to your busy schedule. You don’t have to say yes to all parties and events. Give yourself permission to say “no”.
  • Set office rules with colleagues:The office can get loud over the holidays and people get more chatty. Goals and projects don’t stop so agree together to have quiet times in the office. Keep chatter for agreed times to avoid overtime due to office chit chat. Then agree to continue this throughout the year!
  • Drink lots of water: Our bodies are made up of 70% water. It is important we stay hydrated to get the best energy from our mind and body. When the air is dry in the winter, you may experience greater fatigue. It is not only the lack of sunlight and vitamin D effecting you, but also the fact you are more likely dehydrated. Drink more water and keep your energy high.
  • Be Efficient and effective shopping – Shop-online: Not all steps are created equal. Shopping for gifts may add steps to your monitoring but these are stressful steps in fighting the traffic, and getting out to all the malls to avoid or join the traffic.

Save yourself time by thinking up what kinds of gifts would be fun for this year and then look online. Avoid the travel, the crowds and the stress. Shopping online is fun an easy. You may not be able to touch the merchandise but you will save yourself hours in traffic, walking in malls and some of the impulse purchases you could do without.

Productive Gift Ideas:

woman holiday shopping with bags in hand

1. Make A Donation
A few years ago, I was struggling to find something impactful or meaningful for the people in my life. I decided that the best gift I could give was to people who really needed it. I made donation to “Make A Wish foundation” in their name.

2. Eco:
Got a techie in your life. Alexa is a fun productivity enhancement toy, that allows you to just say what you need and she will help you. Tell her about your shopping list, or to add appointments to your calendar and she will keep you organized. Alexa is the name of the Eco brain, like Apple’s Siri. She and Siri are friends so if you have an iphone Alexa will take care of you at home or in your office.

Eco Dot:

6. Goal planners

According to a Harvard University study writing down your goals makes you 10x more likely to be successful in comparison to your peers that don’t write down your goals. and 7x more likely than those who just think their goals. Write your goals down and profit!

3. Daily To Do:
Everyone wants to manage their time and energy to get more done in less time. To-Do lists are a common everyday tool that many people appreciate. Getting more structure and a pad ready for the daily list could be a great stocking stuffer for the productive individual in your life. These pads by Knock-Knock are fun and valuable.

4. Decision making support:
The biggest loss of time is not moving forward. Indecision creates stress for you and others. Why not give the gift of some structure to make decisions faster. This is a great productivity gift for yourself and others for the holidays and is another Knock Knock favorite of mine.

5. Health Tracking
I had a good friend who was somewhat stuck just before the holidays. He was very goal oriented but didn’t seem to have any clear goals at the time. He lost his job and felt scattered and unmotivated. I bought him a jawbone to track his steps and get him moving more. This got him active again not just in maintaining 10’000 steps but that competitive nature of competing with friends and having a goal to reach expanded to other parts of his life as well. Great gift!

6. Waterproof note pad

Ideas come to us in the strangest places. , so why not make a fun way to allow your productive and creative friends to utilize shower time to also capture ideas. It took me 15 minutes to remember this great idea I had in the shower last week, I would have loved to be able to jot it down.

7. Lifescribe
I love these pens. These are great for note taking in class, meetings, seminars, brainstorming sessions alike You can record and write at the same time. By clicking on a keyword in your notes, you can play the relevant part of the discussion in full to listen to just this part again. These takes note taking to a whole new level of learning and capturing information.

8. White Board anywhere

The transparent WriteyBoard whiteboard decal makes any clear surface a whiteboard. Clear stick on dry erase sheets stick easily over painted walls, certain types of wallpaper and some wood finishes. A great gift for your creative friends

Transparent Original WriteyBoard

9. Experience gifts

People love experiences. Your gift of racecar driving lesson, cooking classes or winemaking will be remembered long after the tie or sweater. Thy might cost a little more but the impact is well worth the value it provides as a gift. How is this productive, it enhances your relationship and that is very productive.


10. Unique gift ideas
There are a lot of creative people in this world. Etsy is a place where many crafty creative people put up their wares. Check it out you might fight some cool ideas.


I have a good friend who lives in the state of Washington and is a beer collector. He loved the beer cap collection in the shape of the state of Washington. There are some cool things on this site that can make for a unique gift.

11. White sound machine:

Block out distracting noises with white noise. It is proven to help concentrated focus and increase productivity. Great for noisy office spaces.

12. we mo light switch

Turn your lights on and off from across the room or across the city. Phone enabled control makes your home more productive.

13. Audible gift card
I love listening to books. I listen while I am in the car, working out or walking the dog. This is a great gift for yourself or someone who loves to learn but has a tight schedule. Now they can use travel time to be learning and expanding their mind.


Penny Zenker is a strategic business coach and trainer, boosting productivity for business leaders and entrepreneurs. She leverages her personal experiences of building up and later selling a multi-million dollar business, as a senior executive at one of the world’s largest market research companies and working with business leaders all over the world as a Tony Robbins Business Coach. Penny’s proven and practical approach helps people to get results quickly.


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