Take Back Time

What is your relationship with time? Are you wired and tired, stressed and overwhelmed, busy and going nowhere? Or Just want to sale your business? Learn how to use time to multiply your business growth! Take Back Time is the podcast for leadership and productivity. Join your host, former strategic business coach for Tony Robbins, best-selling author and international speaker, Penny Zenker, as she shares her experiences and insights on simple and practical time management that will help you be more efficient and effective. It is possible to find greater balance, fulfillment, scale your business, and Take Back Time.

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Do More With What You Have

I am on a kick in 2020 to help people Do More With What You Have. We have so many resources available to us right now in our lives to help us save time, money and effort, reduce distraction and stress and create more freedom all with in available resources. I have a...

10 Time Management Strategies You Can Use Today

10 Time Management Strategies You Can Use Today

Managing time well will not only help us be successful in the workplace but it will also create extra time to do more with our lives. Just like money, time is valuable and limited, and it is, therefore, very important that we spend our time well and at the right place...


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