I believe that how we manage our energy is what determines the experience we will have, the results we get and the happiness we feel. The key to greater productivity is managing our energy. How can “Shake That Ass” be a major key to managing your energy? Read on.

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In my best selling book The Productivity Zone: Stop the Tug of War with Time and my keynote speeches, I talk in more detail about what are the drivers of our energy. Understanding these drivers and how to use them helps us create what I call a “Championship Psychology”. Champions are not born they are self-made and they do it by managing their energy.

These energy and productivity drivers are 1) Motivation, 2) Self-Talk, 3) Focus and 4) Physiology. “Shake That Ass” is one strategy to change your physiology to better manage your energy.

This past weekend, I was at a Tony Robbins event in San Jose. It was held in a hockey stadium and had 10,500 people. Watching the crowd and energy that was created in that stadium was outstanding, words can hardly describe the experience other than a self-development rock concert. To learn more about TonyRobbins Events Click here.

How do you teach hours and days of content to a stadium of people? Not by having them sit in their seat all day. That would be hard to keep everyone’s attention especially in the competition of cell phones and laptops today. They tell impactful stories, engage the audience physically by dancing and getting up and out of their seats to get them into a peak learning state and keep then there.

Physiology is the easiest way to shift the energy. You can just take a deep breath and feel differently cant we. Stand up take a walk, drink some water, and so on. As Jim Rohn used to say, “It is easy to do and easy not to do.”

At this event, this was clearly done with dancing and cheering. Check this video out- we made a world record in the #manequinchallenge. sstitude”.

Joseph McClendon took the dancing concept one step further by lighting up that physiological change with some added fun. He calls it “Asstitude”


He says this is his Legacy. Any time you need a state change. Stuck, overwhelmed, bored, well just “Shake That Ass”. When in doubt – “Shake That Ass”.

How playful and fun is that. It took changing my physiology into a whole new realm of fun and playfulness. I dare you to feel overwhelmed and stuck and all the feelings that come with it while you are shaking your ass. You can’t help but smile and now you have sent a rush of happy hormones to your brain and you can’t feel bad anymore. That change in your physiology by “Shake That Ass” breaks your unproductive thought patterns. Now you are open to find solutions. “Shake That Ass” makes you happy. This is not a theory, it is scientifically proven by the hormones released and its effect on the brain. University of Pennsylvania have done a lot of work around the Science of Happiness. Joseph’s solution is “Shake That Ass”.

How do you remember to “Shake That Ass”? After all if you are in an unproductive state, you might not be thinking of it, right. The answer is conditioning. Like any other change you want to make, you have to condition it.

We did 4 days of conditioning an Unleash the Power Within (UPW). If you are committed and disciplined (and want to add some more fun in your life) you can condition yourself without going to an event.

Here are some suggestions how..

  1. Create a morning routine  to “Shake That Ass”. What a better way to wake up than to do a dance and “Shake That Ass”.
  1. Put the definition of “Asstitude” up in your wall or computer, on your cell phone cover remind yourself all the time to “Shake That Ass”.
  1. Set alarms throughout the day to “Shake That Ass”. You can do it in your seat, go outside, go to the bathroom, make it a fun department break and “Shake That Ass”.
  1. Get creative. Maybe you can think of one or two more and share them below to share with others.

This is not just for individuals, you can incorporate this in your company too. Create common break times that require people to leave their desks. Lunch time at the desk is a productivity killer, you need to take a break and “Shake That Ass”. When I lived in Zurich Switzerland the Swiss companies all took a break at 9:30 and 3:30. As a company you can also create a “Bad Ass” award and other “asstitude” awards. Get Creative.

This is the new twist to boost your energy management simply by changing your physiology. It is that easy to get better results in the area of time management and productivity. All you need to do is what? “Shake That Ass”.

You can integrate the art of “Shake That Ass” into your leadership training and other management trainings as well. Keep people learning principles of leadership and engagement and get some fun injected in your organization.

Be careful.. if you use this strategy you are likely to have more fun, get people more engaged, be more productive, be happier and even loose a few pounds over time.

So what are you waiting for .. “Shake That Ass”.



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