It would seem that as we get older, we appreciate our time much more and therefore, we are also more aware of how it can be wasted. If you are like us, you want to get as much done throughout the day as possible. Work, hobbies, family, and relationships all require your undivided attention, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the motivation to tackle it all, this is where a little positive self talk can go a long way. In the following article, we will discuss the impact that positive self talk can have on your life and how you can learn to be your very own champion. You got this, trust us.

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Positivity is the practice of staying optimistic and putting an upbeat spin on your life. Staying positive is easier said than done. As you encounter obstacles on the path towards a better you that may discourage and bring you down, remember, these are just setbacks. Keeping yourself motivated can help you boost your productivity in a big way, and will also keep you focused on your goals while boosting your self-esteem as you continue to work toward reaching them. Positive self talk is the sword that can help you forge your way.

How Does Positivity Affect Productivity?

Positivity and productivity are two words married in ideology. Both take hard work, are rewarding, are absolutely necessary, and they rhyme! These two words are inseparable and they should be because one directly affects the other. Knowing what you are going after and having a good attitude about the way you will get it is the start to diligent work, sacrifice, and responsibility. Remaining positive allows you the strength to overcome, the patience to understand and correct mistakes, and the drive to succeed.

It All Starts Within

The journey always starts within, and that is because if you want more time during the day to get things done, all you need to do is ask yourself for it. What does that mean? It means you need to ask yourself: where is my time going? Am I working hard towards my goals? Am I giving myself enough time to complete a task? Am I reinforcing my beliefs and patting myself in the back when I’ve done well? All these things should be part of your inner checklist of activities. You must remember that nobody will have your back as you do.

Self-Awareness and Positive Self Talk

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Self-awareness is critical to our overall function, it is how we understand not only ourselves but also the world we inhabit and how we fit in it. We imagine how our bodies are, how much space we take up in a room, how we look when we speak, and so on. All of this self-awareness is applied when we become productive, and it begins long before any task has even been started. This is because we have imagined ourselves doing this task before undertaking it. When we use positive self talk, we imagine how things will play out in a positive light, encouraging success, and thus propelling ourselves to work harder to reach it.

Is There a Need to Be Positive in Order to Be Productive?

Having a negative outlook on any task will probably yield negative results, you may even complete the task, but will it be your best work? The answer is likely no. Having a positive outlook can be the difference between doing something well or just so-so. There are many ways to get there and we will show you how to harvest the right attitude to succeed. First, take a moment to understand why negativity surrounds us and wants us to fail.


Negativity, unfortunately, is around us since we begin to take our first steps. A child is likely to hear words like “no” and “you can’t do that” far more often than words like “you got this” and “yes it is possible.” What this does is program our minds to think negatively. Over 77 percent of the average person’s thoughts are counter-productive and negative. While encouraging parents are indeed essential in the healthy development of a child, the individual will eventually be faced with his or her own decisions about how to approach the life they lead, and positive self talk is a practice done alone.


time management

Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy but one thing is for sure, it will not wait for you. Being productive is about getting things done and making the most of your time. When you take positivity and self-encouragement out of the equation, you spend your time doubting yourself, procrastinating, and eventually giving up on the task you set out to do. Positive self talk helps you work with the sands of time by creating schedules, timelines, and deadlines that benefit your work rate and productivity.

How to Become Your Best Self to Be More Productive

We want to tell you about a few tips that are sure to help you have a better outlook towards your goals and will help you reach them better too. These tips address different aspects of positive self talk and how each affects your line of thinking. Positive self talk is about speaking directly and clearly to yourself, no sugar-coating and no unrealistic expectations.

Speak to Yourself in the Third Person

Psychologist Ethan Kross of the University of Michigan conducted a study that revealed that speaking in the third person allows for a better positive reinforcement of a situation. When individuals were asked to complete what seemed like an insurmountable task in a small amount of time, those who were asked to speak to themselves in the first person often repeated words to themselves such as “How will I ever get this done?” while those who were asked to speak to themselves in the third person said things like “Jane, you got this.” Speaking to yourself in the third person can make a world of difference.

Be Realistic

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We do not mean that you need to limit your dreams, but we encourage that you set realistic goals for yourself that fit within a timeframe. Positive self talk is about being real with yourself, this means not taking on just a cheerleader type of attitude. You’ve got to think critically, analyze the situation, and provide yourself with the best assessment of the goal at hand. Don’t cut your wings off but don’t fly too close to the sun either.

Don’t Be Too Harsh on Yourself

Some situations will get the better of you, so when this happens, do not be too harsh on yourself. One of the great things about positive self talk is that not only can you prepare yourself for a situation, but you can also comfort yourself when a task does not go as planned. The path to success is riddled with obstacles and picking yourself up when you get knocked down is an essential part of the journey. Remind yourself that the task you are undertaking is difficult and that it will take all your effort to overcome. After all, anything worth having never comes easy.

Remember What You’ve Achieved

As you continue to visualize and act on your goals, take a moment to remind yourself of all that you have accomplished before and how you got to where you are in the first place. Often, we are so driven towards our goal that we forget to examine what we did to get there. It is in this examination that we remind ourselves of key attributes that help us overcome the task at hand, much like those before. Never forget what you have made possible.

Open Up

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We know that it seems natural to want to focus solely on how to achieve a goal, to lock-in and get to work, but wait! We advise that before you begin a task or a journey towards a goal that you sit back and look at the bigger picture. Having a broader spectrum can improve your ability to see things that will help you achieve your goal. There are things you could miss if you focus too sharply on one aspect of your task. Talk patience into yourself so you can add clarity to your arsenal.

Self Esteem

Appreciate yourself as a person, not just your accomplishments. Everything you achieve is a direct product of who you are as a person and the value you have for yourself and your craft. Low self-esteem can lead to doubts about your ability to perform or worse, it can have you quitting on your dreams and goals altogether.


We hope that these tips have helped you get a better understanding of positive self talk and all the benefits it provides. If you take notes of some ideas and tips offered here, you will see improvements in the way you manage your time. You are capable of anything you set your mind to, and the only person who should be able to stop you on the path towards your goals is you.


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