Juice Dr. Online Reboot

Module 1 DAY 1: Introduction
Get started on your mind and body reboot. This session will tell you what to expect, how to prepare and set you up for success.
Unit 1 Mind and Body Reboot Introduction
Module 2 DAY 2: Accountability
The first day of any program must be to set up different forms of accountability to set you up for success with your goals
Unit 1 Creating Accountability
Module 3 DAY 2: Motivation
Getting the right level of motivation will fuel your success in reaching any goal.
Unit 1 Tapping into Motivation
Module 4 DAY 4: Self Talk
Becoming aware of the location of self-sabotage is the first step in eliminating it.
Unit 1 Eliminating Unproductive Self-Talk
Module 5 DAY 5: Focus
Getting focus on what you want versus what you don't want is to take charge of your mental focus.
Unit 1 Focus on What You Want
Module 6 DAY 6: Your Body
Getting clear on what foods are good for your body requires careful attention and keeping a diary.
Unit 1 Listening to Your Body
Module 7 DAY 7: Planning
To create long term success you have to have a plan of how you will stick with what you learned, build upon the success you have already had.
Unit 1 Creating a Plan
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