Dr. Isaac Jones Discusses Physical Health And The Connection to Productivity

Hi its Penny Zenker. This week we will be exploring the connection with your physical health and productivity. Many of us overlook our own health and wellness while striving to meet our professional goals. Yes, you. Whether it’s choosing overly processed and under nutritious convenience food or telling yourself you don’t have the time to work out. We often put our own needs on the back burner. Convinced they are not important to reaching your goals. I am certainly no saint here when it comes to my health. I work out and eat well, but I am guilty for skipping the gym for work now and again. Perhaps you can identify with that too.

The issue is how can you work your mind or body without the right fuel? What wouldn’t put diesel in a car made for unleaded. Consider the windmill on my logo. I came up with this as a metaphor for human productivity. The windmill has a gear mechanism that works from within. The smoother the more consistent and the faster the blades turn, the more productive you tend to be. In taking charge of your productivity there are 3 segments, or 3 blades that are really critical.

Old windmills for arrogation in Rustenburg in Holland, Europe

Old windmills for arrogation in Rustenburg in Holland, Europe

Psychology. Strategy. Sustainability. Without all three of these, your productivity windmill is underpowered. It turns, but not optimally. All in all, there are ten core elements that make up these 3 blades. Today we are talking Dr. Isaac Jones about the core element of physiology, which contributes to the area of psychology. Dr. Jones is the founder of Designer Health Centers, Inc. and Dr. Jones TV. Where he and his team are focused on creating customized health programs for high performance and productivity. Among his clients are executives, entrepreneurs and entertainers. He is a sought out international speaker. He has even worked with the Royal Family from Saudi Arabia. His company vision is to reach millions of people with cutting edge health systems for dr. offices around the globe and to educate the world on how to prevent disease and maximize their health and well-being in the 21st century.

Today you will learn the effect that your physical health on your ability to be productive. The habits that many people do not realize that are hurting their health. Lastly, what is toxicity and how to focus on increasing health rather than losing weight? Dr. Jones you are such an amazing leader in your field that I am just overwhelmed with having you with us.

Dr. Jones: It’s a pleasure to be here. Hopefully we can add some value.

Penny: I know you will. So, I want to start out by addressing that you are in a unique branch of health that focuses on preventative approaches rather than the symptomatic treatment. How did you start your involvement in this field?

Dr. Jones: When I was a kid I was diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia. I went from doctor to doctor taking meds after meds and it wasn’t until I went to an alternate health care practitioner, chiropractor and a naturopath. They transformed my brain and my ability to focus and be productive. I went from being in special needs in school to getting A’s and getting international academic scholarships to get a doctorate in a different country. I am from Canada and came here to get my doctorate. It all began with that. Just going through that myself, it burned a passion in my heart to be able to help others to address the problems that they are dealing with. To help maximize their health and increase productivity through natural means.

Penny: That is interesting. I know how I came to get involved with you. That was more than a year ago. When I was interested in just understanding more what cellular detoxification is. You had those challenges where we have got, children with being diagnosed and labeled with ADHD and what not and being able to use these natural means to come up with really and unlock the potential that people like yourself are able to realize and so that really interested me. I have learned first-hand from you that we might think that we are healthy because we have no symptoms of disease and I was really surprised to find out that when we did the blood work and it came back that I had high levels of lead. This was an eye opener. Please share with us what does it mean to be a cellular detoxification expert?

Dr. Jones: When people want to focus on increasing productivity on maximizes their energy, on losing weight, and becoming more effective to make more money in their business, it’s really important to maximize your physiology. So you go to a normal traditional doctor. They do that simply through medications. You have to have a problem first then they give you medication for that. What it means to be a cellular detoxification expert is looking at the building blocks of your body. Looking at the very many cities that control and regulate hormones that produce certain signaling pathways that maximize your ability for your brain to retain information and to get as much done possibly throughout the day. You have to focus really on maximizing the function of the cell. In the 21st century we are being exposed to over 100,000 toxins and chemicals that have been brought on the market since WW2. Our ancestors were not exposed to these types of toxins. These toxins accumulate inside the tissues and cells of our body. What it means to be an expert really means that I focus on figuring out what specific interferences you have in the cell that perhaps is accumulated in your body. Like a fungus or a bacteria or virus. Or it could be an environmental toxin like you with the high levels of lead. Other issues like micronutrient deficiencies. Dr. Daniel Amen is another expert on an advisory board I am part of. There are other amazing health experts there as well. One of the things he said as a brain expert, is that you need certain nutrients that most people are deficient in in the 21st century that can maximize your ability to prevent cognitive decline as well as maximize your ability to be productive in a day. My whole goal in working with anybody is to maximize the functionality of the cell and that will maximize the functionality of the entire body. That’s what we really focus on. It’s a counterintuitive approach.

Penny: I am all about getting to the root cause of the issues as opposed to dealing with the symptoms. By dealing things at the cellular level that you are really getting to the root cause of the issue which is why you are able to really wipe out and resolve issues that people are having such as the lead in my system, so that it doesn’t come back again as long as you continue to change your lifestyle. Is that right? As opposed to taking medication that is going to just subdue the symptom until I stop taking it.

Dr. Jones: yes. You are really focusing addressing the cause and the cause or the reason why we develop cancer or heart disease is different for every person. Which is why it’s so important to take a customized approach to help. The medical community is scratching their heads like we can’t figure out what is causing cancer or causing most cancers or causing heart disease. When you look at it, it comes down to the various interferences that create inflammation inside the cell. That is the big buzzword in media right now. What can you do to reduce inflammation? So you don’t develop these diseases silently in your body. Stage 4 cancer often times have been developing it for years before the diagnosis. So, this is a very upstream approach how to figure out what is causing the interferences. What creates inflammation? What can we do to reverse that? By removing it from the body while addressing the lifestyle. Strategies that may help maximize your health long term.

Penny: It seems logical to get to the root cause. Do you think modern medicine is going to turn more towards preventative care and customized?

Dr. Jones: Some hospitals have tried to adopt more of a behavioral change or lifestyle change strategies. But unfortunately, they have not been successful. I know that the medical community is now privy to this information but the problem is that it’s really founded on pharmaceutical research. Pharmaceutical companies need to have research based off of a specific drug or procedure that will help to address the issue. So, the only real things that the medical community typically focuses on are pure reviewed research that pharmaceutical industries have done. Those are biased. My wife, Erica, worked for the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world as a drug rep. She knows firsthand, very skewed research. They won’t actually end up getting around to addressing a lot of these things. The other thing too Penny, is that when people want to maximize their productivity and they do that through addressing these issues, there is not really a residual income stream in helping people address it once and for all.

Penny: There is a flow on the business model there, right? hahahah

Dr. Jones: ah ha ha

Penny: Let’s go back to the whole idea of getting through toxicity. When I think of wellness and taking care of yourself you think of nutrition, and sleep, what does toxicity have to do with nutrition, sleep and other items that we know to be part of maintaining our health.

Dr. Jones: Let’s take one toxin in particular as an example. Mercury which is high in a lot of people especially if their mother’s had mercury filling during pregnancy. There are other exposures to mercury from the foods we are eating like fish or just the contaminates of rain water. Even organic foods in California. We are being exposed to mercury at a high level that really our ancestors were never exposed to. So what mercury will do is it will get into the cells and then it will affect the ability for the mitochondria to function properly. This is the power plant of the body. The reason you are able to go long hours and have high energy throughout the day is due to the fact that the mitochondria are working well in the cell. Mercury interferes with that. It also is linked to causing lesions in your gut that can create inflammation and can lead to food allergies, sensitivities. Another thing that mercury does is it causes a blockage of hormone signaling within the body. If you have it affecting your thyroid, it can affect thyroid function. Can cause weight gain, temperature, losing weight. So that is one specific toxin and then you look at the laundry list of hundreds of thousands of toxins that have come onto the market since WWII. You see the impact it is having within our bodies. In our children with autism or ADD and the list goes on. It’s astronomical. When you address cellular toxins and removing them, not only are you optimizing the cell’s function within your body, but you become more energized. You become more healthy and more importantly, you extend your life. You turn on the anti-aging pathways in your body while at the same time, turn off disease genes in your body.

Penny: I hate to stop you but we do have to take a break. Stay tuned as we get into more depth about taking charge of your health and its role in shaping our productivity.


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