A Cold Shower Can Help be More Productive

How Can The Dreaded Cold Shower Make YOU More Productive?

What could a shower really have to do with your productivity? At first glance, it may seem silly, but in order to boost your productivity from where it is now, you may have to do things differently. You may be stuck or at a plateau, or maybe you get good results but know there is still more room for improvement, or perhaps you may be bored and need something new to keep you motivated. Wherever you are today, there is always another level.

Our productivity is a result of the things we do both physically and mentally.

Our body and mind affect and infect one another.

Have you heard about the numerous health benefits of bathing in cold water? Did your grandparents insist that you shower in cold water and stood guard by the geyser switch to make sure you don’t sneak off and switch it on! Maybe you tried it at a camp, like me, when you joined the Polar Bear Club and jumped into a cold lake or ocean in the wee hours of the morning, came out and rolled in the sand and then plunged again into the icy water again. Perhaps you have heard of practices by famous athletes, leaders and high performers.

Well, like it or not, standing under that gush of cold water or jumping into a cold pool of water does do some amazing things to the body.

Here are 8 benefits you could receive from cold showers or a cold plunge:

1. Improved Immunity

Bid goodbye to a poor immune system with regular cold showers. Studies across the world revealed that cold showers generate internal body heat. The process is called thermogenesis and this leads to strengthened immunity, better tolerance to pain and stress, combat fatigue and also wards off depression.

2. Boosts Blood Circulation

When ice cold water splashes onto the body, our adaptive system ensures that more blood flows to the organs. This protects the organs from the cold temperature. There is a marked hike in blood circulation while one is taking a cold shower.

3. Healthier looking skin

Cold water compresses the pores on the skin surface and hair follicles. Warm water opens the pores and lets the dirt seep out. Ideally, warm water may be used on the body to open up the pores and then dousing yourself in cold water promises healthy, glowing skin and hair. The improved blood circulation also adds a healthy sheen to your skin and tresses. Yet another reason to forget your chattering teeth and hop into the cold shower!

4. Alert Mind

Splashing cold water onto the face, definitely helps in getting rid of drowsiness. So why shouldn’t a shower in cold water do more than just get rid of lethargy and sleepiness! Yes, cold water showers do make you more alert and enhance general mental strength.

5. Time Management

As you step out of the icy shower in the morning, you become more alert and energetic, all set to face the day and its challenges. Though not one direct effect of cold water showers, if you are one of those people who wonder how to improve your time management skills, this simple change can bring about great improvement to those lethargic spells. A cold shower first thing in the morning will definitely make you more alert, efficient at work and enthusiastic.

6. Spike In Testosterone Levels

Just as hitting the gym records a hike in testosterone levels, a few minutes of showering in cold water also boosts testosterone levels. The testosterone levels remain elevated throughout the day. This increases your metabolic rate, burns fat, improves overall mood, competitive spirit and increases risk tolerance

7. Increase Tolerance

The thought of cold showers give us the chills; no doubt. It takes a lot of time to adjust to this daily cold shower regimen and the whole process is bound to enhance your level of tolerance and the ability to withstand any harsh climate with comparatively less stress and effort.

8. Post Work Out Benefits

Cold water has many health benefits, as long as you can stand it. Athletes like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James advocate cold showers with their own personal experience. They are known to take an icy shower after their workout regimen to soothe inflammation and ease the stress on body muscles, helping to combat sore muscles and joints.

To sum it up, the benefits of something as simple as a regular cold shower in the morning can effectively combat lethargy and fogginess of the mind, increase productivity and boost enthusiasm. How is that for unusual time management tips.

So let’s get out of the comfort of the hot water and hop into the cold shower every day in the morning to set your enthusiasm and productivity levels soaring!

ps. Full disclosure. I love the hot water. After researching the benefits, I can’t unlearn this. I can ignore it but that wouldn’t be productive. So I am going to do a 7-day challenge to see for myself to feel the productivity benefits I have shown here. I will post my comments on my results.

Who is with me?





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