This site provides tools and resources to support TEAM Z IBO's grow and prosper with their Goodlife business
Module 1 Getting Started
This section will cover the tools and resources to get the business started including targeting and business strategies
Unit 1 GoodLife Success Factors
Unit 2 GoodLife Goal Setting
Unit 3 GoodLife Targeting
Unit 4 Goodlife Targeting Categorization
Module 2 Starting The Conversation
Starting The Conversation
Unit 1 GoodLife Starting the Conversation-Enrollment
Unit 2 GoodLife Starting the Conversation-Charity
Unit 3 GoodLife Starting the Conversation-VIP Card
Unit 4 GoodLife Starting the Conversation-Customer Appreciation
Module 3 Understanding the Business
This section will cover the aspects of the business, strategies that can be used, comp plan and more.
Unit 1 GoodLife Business Benefits
Unit 2 Goodlife Compensation Plan
Unit 3 GoodLife Business Strategies
Module 4 Enrollment
This section helps IBO's in the process of enrollment. It covers positioning, communication, and available resources.
Unit 1 GoodLife Enrollment Process
Unit 2 Follow-up
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