Penny Zenker

pennyPenny Zenker is a productivity expert, international speaker, trainer, and best-selling author of “The Productivity Zone”.  As a result of her own success building and selling a multimillion dollar business, as a senior executive at a leading Market Research firm and then later working as a strategic business coach with Tony Robbins, Penny isolated the 10 core drivers of your productivity that help you reduce stress, communicate more effectively and think more strategically.

She will challenge you to think differently and inspire you to be your best. Her easy to understand frameworks make implementation fast and easy.

Her personal business achievements include:

  • President of the Board for Heart of Fighter Non for profit
  • Creator of The “P10: Productivity Accelerator”, a time and energy management System with Assessments, online learning, accountability and coaching
  • Master NLP practitioner, Master Neuro-strategist, Talent Dynamics Profiler
  • Founding and selling a multi-million dollar technology company.
  • Leading the turnaround and sale of a large division of GfK Switzerland to AC Nielson
  • Leading innovation securing $10 Million in annual sales
  • CEO / Turnaround of Direct Marketing firm with Sale to a Bertelsmann Co.
  • Master Franchise owner and developer of a kids play park

Throughout her career, Penny has applied human psychology and behavioral studies to business management. Her studies include traditional coaching methods from the International Coaching Academy, plus NLP, hypnotherapy, painting therapy and Marshall Rosenberg’s non-violent communication, among others.

Penny currently lives in Philadelphia, PA with her two children after living abroad in Switzerland for 16 years. In her spare time, she enjoys mountain biking, hiking, camping and skiing.

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