52 Week Self Coaching Program

Self-Coaching Program that supports you to consistently think and act more strategically, boosting your productivity. Watch the videos and do the exercises to bring the 10 productivity drivers into regular focus and create greater consistency in your results.
Module 1 10 Core Productivity Drivers
Gain a better understanding of the 10 Core Productivity Drivers. These Drivers are the foundation to mastering and boosting your productivity.
Unit 1 Welcome to the Club!
Unit 2 Professor Intro to Energy
Unit 3 Energy Management
Unit 4 The Framework
Unit 5 The 10 Drivers
Module 2 Increase Motivation
Learn a powerful practice that allows you to motivate yourself using pleasure and pain.
Unit 1 The Power of Why
Unit 2 Motivate With Pleasure and Pain
Unit 3 Obstacles to Motivation
Module 3 Focus
Eliminate waste in your process and your productivity will soar. In this course, you'll discover and gain an understanding of the 8 wastes.
Unit 1 3 Parts of Focus
Unit 2 Are you overwhelmed with distractions?
Unit 3 Got a Minute?
Module 4 Self Talk / Language
Learn the energy of our thoughts and words and how they impacts our experience and the experience of others
Unit 1 The Energy of Thought
Unit 2 Model of Communication
Unit 3 Listening
Unit 4 Word Cleanse?
Unit 5 Understanding the Source of Conflict
Module 5 Self Care and Physiology
Discover how greater self-awareness in the moment will slow time and improve your productivity.
Unit 1 Self-Care: Nutrition
Module 6 Planning
Discover what structure and accountability can do for your productivity.
Unit 1 Structure Your Time
Unit 2 The Power of Preparation
Unit 3 Daily Planning
Unit 4 Time Blocking
Module 7 Defining Process
Learn about process and how to utilize your new knowledge around it, to boost your productivity.
Unit 1 Define Your Process
Unit 2 The 8 Wastes
Unit 3 Parkinson's Law
Module 8 Priorities
Learn how to set create a system that allows you to set priorities and manage the important versus the urgent.
Unit 1 Urgent vs Important
Unit 2 Competing Priorities
Module 9 Progress: Gaining Traction
Celebrating, learning and taking action creation progress.
Unit 1 Learn From Unexpected Results
Module 10 Measurement
Learn what to measure to track your success and growth.
Unit 1 Measurement
Unit 2 Mind the Gap
Module 11 Proactivity
Learn about the power of proactively managing priorities, environment and people in your life.
Unit 1 The Root Cause
Unit 2 Environment
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