Dwayne Wimmer

Dwayne Wimmer: Wellness, Fitness and Athletes

Dwayne Wimmer is the founder of the Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Since 1993, Dwayne’s worked on his own in the personal training capacity, building business by promoting fitness at local health clubs and schools, as well as physical therapy, weight management, and chiropractic centers. With professionalism, expertise, and personal attention as his hallmarks, and the utmost concern for his clients’ fitness and wellness as his vision, Dwayne is working toward his next goal of creating an organization to teach trainers how to be successful while implementing Safe, Efficient, Effective, Evidence-Based Programming.

Dwayne helps make exercise a way of life, and something his clients look forward to on an ongoing basis. His caring, patient yet guiding one-on-one approach encourages individuals to achieve their fitness goals at their own pace, so they reach their top physical condition. Through focused and gratifying training sessions, he brings out the best in each of his clients and builds not only their strength but their self-confidence as well.

Over his career, Dwayne has served as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Fitness Director, and Division 1 Strength Coach. As a Fitness Director, he not only hired and trained instructors, but also promoted popular weight management programs/seminars and expanded membership sales. At Villanova University, he served as assistant strength and conditioning coach for male and female varsity athletics, working with athletes such as former Philadelphia Eagles Brian Westbrook.